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double negative

In print:

  • William Wilson, "Don't Know Trenches but We Know What We Like," Los Angeles Times (27 Jul 1969, Pages 16-19).
  • "The New Art: It's Way, Way Out," Newsweek (29 July 1969, Pages 56-63).
  • Mark C. Taylor, Michael Heizer: Double Negative - Sculpture in the Land (New York: Rizzoli, in association with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the Nevada Institute for Contemporary Art at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1991), Hardcover, ISBN 0-847-81426-2

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In print:

  • Douglas C. McGill, Michael Heizer: Effigy Tumuli (New York: Abrams, 1990), Paperback, ISBN 0-810-92374-2, Hardcover, ISBN 0-810-91166-3
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  • Wade Roberts, "Mound Sculpture Gives Town a Lift" Chicago Sun-Times (9 Jun 1985)

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Adjacent, Against, Upon

  • R.M. Campbell, "Heizer's Sculpture Spirits," The Seattle Post-Intelligencer (6 Jan 1977)
  • Deloris Tarzan, "What Those Big Rocks Mean to Seattle," The Seattle Times (12 Jan 1977)
  • "One Critic's Work of Art is Another's Pile of Rocks," The Seattle Times (16 Jan 1977)
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  • Dicky Moody, "City Defends Sculpture," The Seattle Times (10 Feb 1977)
  • Map to Adjacent, Against, Upon published by the Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, WA
  • Image of Adjacent, Against, Upon from Seattle Outdoor Art


North, East, South, West 1 (Dia: Beacon)

North, East, South, West 2 (Los Angeles)


  • Bill Northwood, "An Oakland Landmark Grows in the Desert," Oakland Tribune (14 Sep 1980)
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